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Do Not Adjust Your Set.

We don't do "special" issues very often. The Spring, 2010 issue was all film photography, but that was the beginning and end of our themed outings. Until now.

In this new issue, you'll find artists that work primarily - if not exclusively - in black-and-white. Making images without the aid of color is an art form all its own. When I first fell in love with photography, I more-or-less had to work in black-and-white. I didn't have access to (or the funds for) a color lab, so if I wanted complete control over my final image, it was black-and-white or bust. In the digital age, however, when someone presents black-and-white work, they mean business. They've gone out of their way to strip away the color. They want you to see what they see.

So without further ado, STRONGBOX: Sans Color.

See you in Summer!
-Dan, Editor-in-Chief

Download the Spring, 2014 Issue
Volume Six, Issue One
Spring, 2014
Cover photo by Scott Fisher

Not a trace of color photography from Jakub Jasionek, Scott Fisher, Richard Gadd, Mark Regester, mkc609 & Michael Smith

Also, a rockin' Illustration by Roberlan Paresqui

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